SNOW® delivers mobile device support for OpenText's TeamSite and LiveSite customers

LiveSite Mobile with SNOW® delivers the best possible responsive web experience for multiple devices by moving device optimization to the web server.


To enable device-specific experiences and layout, TeamSite developers simply add HTML5-compliant SNOW® tags to TeamSite components and pages within TeamSite. These tags specify if and how content, page layout, and styling should be displayed on a given device, OS, or browser.

When a desktop or mobile browser requests a web page, LiveSite Mobile post-processes the HTML and CSS code according to these device-designating tags, serving only the code appropriate for the requesting device. Serving the device specific code significantly reduces the payload sent to the target browser and improves page-load performance. TeamSite web developers are also able to control site features and layout to deliver a differentiated experience for mobile users.


Build websites for PC, tablet and mobile phones from within TeamSite

Fully integrated with Site Publisher composer architecture for greater productivity

Preview the newly created sites on different devices with integrated device emulator prior to publishing

Device profiles and detection for over 4,000 devices, including smartphones, phablets, tablets, PCs and SmartTVs.

Leverages existing web assets, code and backend integration points to shorten the time to market for any website.

Faster load time and improved user experience over Responsive Web Design approach.

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