Create and deploy
mobile apps in minutes.

Create Android and iOS apps in minutes

Inject existing website into an app, increase speed to market

Easily create promotional apps for one-time use

Add RAIN to your mobile app development process

Developing and managing native mobile applications is costly and time-consuming. Ensuring alignment with the latest brand content is an additional challenge. With the Trilibis RAIN mobile application development platform, developers can quickly create channel-specific, native applications in record time while leveraging existing brand content.

Trilibis RAIN is great news for brands that want to deploy existing web content on mobile devices in the form of an app. RAIN ensures you deliver the best user experience and eliminates a “one size fits all” mobile application strategy.

Develop and deploy full-featured mobile apps in minutes

Trilibis RAIN provides the ability to create and manage native applications at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional development processes. Using the RAIN MADP, developers can:

Access native device functionality (camera, geo-location, local contacts, etc.)

Build on the same HTML/CSS code as desktop, tablet and mobile websites, just by using special server-side tags

Rapid mobile app development

Simply input the website url into the RAIN interface, select the type of icon you want, and instantly create an app based on your website.

RAIN supports native features for a wide array of target devices, including Android 2.2+ and iOS7+.

Push notifications with geo-fencing? and deep linking

Send targeted messages to your app’s installed base using push notifications and geolocation triggers.

Use deep linking to send a hyperlink via push notification to direct the user to specific content within the mobile application.

Create and manage iOS and Android apps from a unified console

RAIN lets you create both iOS and Android apps, and provides a unified console so you can easily manage your apps.

RAIN also provides controls over what content is cached locally, and when it will expire. This is very useful for time-sensitive promotions, offers and coupons.

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