Side-by-side, multi-device content presentation

Verify personalized content

Check presentation in different email clients

Optimize your content for any screen or device format

Todayís marketing platforms connect marketers with audiences across a wide variety of channels, devices, and apps. Viewer engagement is a Number One concern for marketers, so itís imperative that they can accurately preview brand content from the perspective of any audience member.

STORM enables you to review content presentation with confidence

Trilibisí advanced web-based emulator, STORM, enables marketers to preview their brand content across every channel (desktop, mobile, apps, email).


Compare and verify content presentation on different devices and browsers.

Optimized load times

Gain insights into how load-time can be optimized for mobile devices.


Visualize the effect of personalization and localization tagging.

Email content

Preview email content across different devices and email clients.


Device-specific load-time analytics

A built-in load-time analytics console displays the file sizes of the different assets (both images and code) used for a website.

With this information, front-end designers can identify problem areas, and then further optimize these assets for a fast and smooth user experience on any device.

QR code generation for on-device testing

Need to create a QR code to test a new landing page?

STORM instantly generates a QR code and a URL for your testing team.

Customize devices and device groups

STORM lets you define custom presets so you can easily compare different device groups.

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